There has been talk in the media recently about Harry Arter switching allegiance to England. There are a few matters within this story that intrigue me. Firstly, it baffles me that the english media only speak of him in these terms after a Jack Wilshere pays him a compliment. Sure, he always got the 'lovely little player' comments but in England one cannot be sure if that's a compliment or a put down, In Spain a 'lovely little player' is a Xavi loved and hailed despite rarely doing anything to get you off your seat. You see on the continent it's respected that every player has a function, you need different types to make a team flourish. But in England it's more about the reputation than functionality, you need only look to putting Scholes out on the left wing. In many respects that sums up the English and by association Irish ethos, which one is less physical, less dynamic, less tall.... Scholes right shove him out on the wing. The finesse that exists within the game can go undetected on these shores. The awareness you gain when your not the quickest or strongest lends itself to people who can cut central figures without physically dominating games. Arter may not win you a game, he will rarely play the defence-splitting pass like a Hoolahan, rarer still will he score you a goal. What he will do, is dictate the play, our analysis concentrates on his moments in possession V Hull recently. We will look at what he brings to the table defensively at a later date.

The second intriguing element of the 'Arter for England' story is that the story only exists because Ireland has been slow to throw him into the firing line. Yes, he has had some untimely injuries which O'Neill and Keane cannot be blamed for. Yet, the Stephen Quinn's of the world were preferred even when Arter was lighting up the championship. It seems to me Arter although different to Hoolahan falls into the we can't play him against a dominant team or away from home. Hoolahan you may argue has played in away games and against big teams in recent times, but was it by design or by default you would have to ask? Don't get me wrong I'm not doing a 'Dunphy' here and blindly without taking into perspective the opponents, the conditions or the fact of who compliments one and another in any given game. However, having watched our analysis let us know if we could do with the likes of Arter when be play against teams with 10 men behind the ball or not. Hull are a good example of such a team.  



Hope you enjoyed our take on Harry's game each week we will profile an Irish international. Comment below, who would like to see?