Warm Up

Yellow players try to pass their ball off Red players ball. When your ball gets hit you are stuck until you get a high five from a team mate.

Coaching Points:

1. Head up, head down, eye on the ball.

2. Non-kicking foot alongside the ball (Shoulder distance)

3. Inside of the foot strikes centre of the ball

4. Follow through at the target.



Yellows receive from red and pass it back before turning and repeating the same at the other end. After 5 goes on each side Reds and Yellows rotate. Progress to control with one foot pass with the other.

Coaching points:

1. Repeat the same points as above

2. Make sure both feet are being used


Small sided game:

2v2 game in the middle. To score the two in the middle must combine and then find a target behind the balls (1 goal). If the target takes a touch and passes to knock down a ball (2 goals) if the target plays first time and knocks down a ball (3 goals). Rotate players after 5 goals. 

1. Same as above

2. Put emphasise on a first time pass from a target being worth 3. On your toes and ready


Game: Free play

Give players individual targets depending on their ability. For example player a) can you have passed to every player at least once before the game is over. Player b) can you get one pass with your right one with your left. Player c) can you play one pass after taking a touch first, one pass first time. Player d) can you set up a goal with a pass.