Warm Up

Organisation: 3v1 rondos keep away game. Conditions: if you pass it out of the area you are in the middle. If you are in the middle you must win the ball back and dribble out of the area. either the man that gave it away or the player that allowed the defender dribble out is in the middle now.

Coaching points:

1. Open body shape

2. Pass with pace and to the back foot when possible

3. control away from pressure/towards support/Manipulate ball

4.Disguise Pass

5. Timing of pass and run. If you have time and space can you commit the defender

Coaches split players into positions and work in units in the functions below


Function with GK and Defenders V Strikers:

Reds score by dribbling into gates (they now get the ball from the keeper again)

Reds can also score by passing to yellow target (now the yellows counter to the goal)

Yellow striker can win the ball and counter throughout.

Coaching Points:

1. GK place ball on middle of six-yard. Pace and accuracy of pass. Back foot.

2. GK come out of the frame of the goal for a back pass. If Space has been created can you play a driven pass into space

2. Defenders side on body shape. Play with patience.

3. When it's on can you drive forward into space or can you play a pass with pace to split the defender.

4. Yellow players try to come up with a defensive strategy and look to counter fast.


Function with midfielders:

Yellows try to pass into red targets, reds try to pass into the yellow target. After 4 goals rotate targets.

Coaching points:

1. Targets when playing in decide, safe side pass or back foot pass.

2. Patience in possession, check shoulders and try and get side on.

3. Create space as an individual. Show to go, or Go to show.

4. Create space for a team mate, empty a space to open a passing line.


Function with wingers and forwards:

Coach plays into an attacker who looks to combine and score. defenders look to win the ball back and counter either by playing a pass to the coach or dribbling over the end-line.

Coaching points:

1. Receive to play forward. be positive

2. if its a 1v1 can you beat your man

3. if its 2v1 can you combine

4. Support - either behind or in front

5. Create space, ball arrives, man arrives


Small sided game:

Free play


Pick 2 different formations so that the players have to problem solve in terms of how to find the free man in possession and how to prevent the opponents free man getting on it.