This is a session that could be done with anybody from u12s up. It focuses on the importance if getting 1v1 defending to a high standard and then working on the relationship between pressure and cover.  

Warm up 

Time: 5-6 minutes 

A quick tag game with dynamic stretching. 


Function 1

Time: 10 minutes

1v1 Defending

Red needs to win the ball back and score in flags, yellow can score in high cones 2 points or low cones 1 point.
Coaching points:
Press quick with angle of approach cutting off 2 point goal
Breaks on when you get close
Side on stance 
Can you win it?
Delay, deny, destroy


Function 2

4v2 in a diamond shape.
Press and cover
Travel as the ball travels 
Goal side ball side
Angle and distance of cover
In out in out method of pressing

Defensive triggers
Invite a square pace and maybe intercept

Defensive triggers force the ball back
Cut off passing lane with angle of approach 
Make play predictable

Whilst there is nothing wrong with doing the traditional 2v2 to teach pressure and cover we feel that a 4v2 with the player in Black being a target highlights the realness of a game. When you press in a game you must do show according to where your cover is and where the opponents are. Screening and pressing with an angle of approach to prevent forward options or the spare man getting in possession is a vital component of successful defending. 

5v5 +5 with keeper
One team uses the keeper and outside players 15 passes is a goal (note: 15 passes is a goal is to insure the defenders get opportunities to press and counter, if it was an attacking session 15 passes is a goal would never be a condition)
Red team presses to win ball and score on goal

End with a match stress importance of the first defender getting it right and defending as a unit.