Most teams when well coached get to a certain level defensively and also ball retention wise, the hardest part of the game to coach is in the final 1/3 when space is limited and creativity is needed. This is session 1 of a 3 session block using patterns in a warm up and then building into games to put patterns into practice.


Time: 10 minutes

Patterns into goals working on timing of runs to receive, side on body shape, blind side runs and strikers runs across the front post. Show how the striker can receive in the hole or how the striker can shield against defender.  Reds V Yellows


Conditioned Game

Time: 15minutes

(One 5v5 game and one 4v4 at same time)

We work on the 1v1 situation of Centre back v Centre forward showing the striker that they can time a late run into the hole and receive side on, our shield the ball to combine or lean against defender and spin to shoot.



Time: 35minutes

The first 15 minutes will be coached. balls will be kept on the sidelines, anytime the ball goes out the game restarts with throw-in. Full back takes the throw, Centre Back drops to give support, Centre mid goes away to pop up late, winger comes short to spin into space down the line.

Keeper and Defenders encourage organisation when the ball is up the pitch. Midfielders time runs in between lines late and side on. Strikers try to replicate early parts of session. Wingers positive attitude in 1v1 situations.