This Session was designed with a u12 team in mind and is session 1 of a 3 session block. Having worked with this age group a lot over the years I feel that we as coaches and I certainly include myself here are so insistent on getting players to pass the ball we forget to help them to make the right decision. The following session I believe could also be adapted to suit first team professional set ups where you constantly see the 'free player' passing immediately to a marked player. It is at these formative years 9-12 that we most help the players read situations and come up with 'their' solutions.

Warm Up

Time: 6-8% of session

18 players 20x30 grid

Every player has a ball, coach demonstrates different turns and manoeuvres and allows the players time to practice each (keep an eye out for our video sessions later in the week that demonstrates some of these turns).

After the players start to show some improvement a tag competition is started every player must keep their ball but tag an opposition team member. When tagged you are stuck until high-fived by a teammate. As a progression, a designated move may have to be performed prior to freeing a teammate.



Time: 30-35% of session

4 functions happen at same time players work for 4 minutes rest for 1 then rotate. Group selection should have players of a similar standard on the same function, as you will be playing with/against same players for 16 minutes. Make a player transfer during water break if need be.

Top Left Grid is a 2v1 practice game starts when the yellow player passes to his team-mate now one red comes on. Yellows can score in either green or blue goals. Reds have to win the ball back and dribble out of square to score. switch team roles after 2 minutes. keep score. Grid size depends on ability, as a guide, I would start with a grid 12x15.

Top Right Grid is a 2v2 with 2 resting players. Reds can pass into top 2 goals to score, yellows score in bottom goals. Any time the ball goes out its roll on/roll off sub. Coach plays ball in. Keep score. (Grid 20x15)

Bottom Left Grid 1v1 starts with a dribble can score in either goal left or right switch team roles after 2 minutes and keep score. (Grid 12x12)

Bottom Right Grid 3v3 score by dribbling over end line into the end zone or by passing to a teammate who runs into the end zone. End zone acts as an offside line. Keep score. (Grid 20x30)

The coach lets these functions flow using the water break to mention a key point for each grid. 2v1 key coaching point is to commit the defender (wall pass). 2v2 Key coaching point is to create space on the ball for the man off the ball (overlap) 1v1 coaching point is quick and positive, don't be afraid to try something. 3v3 coaching point is to create space for the player on the ball.


Small Sided Game

Time: 15-20% of session

Due to numbers we will have one 5v5 (keepers) and one 4v4 (no keepers)

Grid 40x30 

Regular 5v5 coach insists players play in their position any goal involving a wall pass, overlap or a 1v1 'take on' is worth 2.



Time: 37-49% of session

Grid 60x40

Due to this being session 1 in a 3 session block note the time allowed for the game. Because the coach demonstrated a lot of turns and manoeuvres in the warm-up, the function and small sided game was allowed to flow coaching in natural stoppages in the function and coaching through conditions/incentives in the small sided games. The coaching method in the game will be to give position specific targets to players namely. Keepers can you receive one back pass from outside your goal during the game. The Central defender can you initiate 1 wall pass. Fullbacks can you get involved in an overlap. Centre mids can you be the 'wall' in a wall pass or a runner off the ball directly after a wall pass. Wingers can you beat your full back once. The striker can you get in off the blind side of your marker and get a shot away.


In conclusion: If you note the detail in the session, it is planned to flow for the player's enjoyment, several coaching methods are used so as to maximise the time the ball is rolling, there is a group topic and at the same time position specific targets. Later in the week we will post a quick review of how the session goes and plan accordingly for next week.

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