If you have visited this site recently you will be aware that one of our contributors has packed his bags and gone travelling to different football environments to try gain more insight into the game. This following session was inspired by Rob Jones Director of Coaching at FCUSA Coastal in Massachusetts. More and more coaches are now trying to play through the thirds which is a welcome change. The problem is building the technical excellence within your players to play this way. Kids nowadays do not play in their free time so much. Therefore, it is the job of the coach to inspire the players to go home and work on specific elements to help them become better players. Keep an eye out for some 'self-practice' videos coming to Football Discovery soon.



Time: advised 8-10 % of session

2v1 Deception and reception Grid size 6x6 (depending on ability/age) 

Key Factors:

1. Protect the ball with turns (Drag back, cut, chop) 2. Manipulate the ball (fake on reception, use of both feet and different parts of the foot)

3. Disguise Pass 

Progressions: Number of passes = a goal. defender scores by interception or by dribbling out of square. Make it a competition between grids.



Time: 10-15% of session

3v2 into targets Grid 20x15 (ability dependent) 

Organisation: The 3 greens receive from the top yellow target and look to switch to the bottom yellow target. Each green must touch the ball prior to the switch. For the blues, they receive from the bottom yellow and switch to the top yellow. they can score at any time and their yellow (bottom) can go straight to target to score also.

Key Factors:

Focus on the same key factors as the warm-up 

1. ability to turn out of pressure is key 

2. Disguise of pass 

3. Manipulate the ball 

4. Combination play



Time: 10-15% of session

3v3 with 1 goal and one target 

Key factors:

Same factors as above with turns now progressing to manoeuvres (Step-over, drop-shoulder, flip-flap etc)

Progression: encourage using runners as a decoy to get a shot away, stress the importance of transitional moments i.e. keeper saved my shot now I must defend the counter.


Small Sided Game 

Time: Advised 20-25% of session

5v5 with target or Keepers Grid 40x30 

This is a standard 5v5 with the one differing conditions for both teams. Greens have to play through the middle man. Reds have a maximum of 4 passes before a shot.

This helps develop that central player receiving under pressure for the green team. The direct condition for the reds will result in quick transitions and therefore more repetition for the central player. If you have a large squad then obviously 2 small sided games go on at once and you get to work on 2 central figures. Otherwise, make sure you rotate.



Time: Advised 25-30% of session

Here at Football Discovery, we believe you should alway end with a match so if your team play 7v7 at the weekend try end practice with a 7v7.